Installation Check List

These are some of the things I do to ALL new Joomla websites.

SESSION TIME. Control Panel > Global Configuration > System tab: Session Settings: Set to 30. The default is 15 minutes. Save & Close

EXTENSIONS. Extensions > Extension Manager. At the prompt install the ‘Install From Web’ plugin.

WYSIWYG EDITOR Extensions > Plugin Manager > Editor - TinyMCE: from the Functionality drop-down select Extended. Save & Close

JCE EDITOR Extensions > Extension Manager > Install from Web > Editing > Editors and install JCE. (JCK Editor worth considering.) Once installed go to Global Configuration and from Default Editor drop-down select JCE as default. Save and Close.

FAVICON. Save image 16px x 16px as favicon.ico and FTP to root of Joomla template.

UNWANTED ICONS. Content > Article Manager > Options then select Show or Hide as required. N.B. There are a lot of other global settings on the same page e.g. Editing Layout, Blog/Featured Layouts, List Layouts etc. Save and Close.

To REMOVE ‘HOME’ Menus > Menu Manager: Menus [not Menu Items] > Options: Show Page Heading = No. Save and Close.

To REMOVE SITE TITLE Either > Extensions > Template Manager and select default template. > Advanced and CLICK in TITLE box and enter a space. Save & Close Or open the template index.php and comment out //$sitename ... ('sitename'); [ca. line 26 or 27]

AKEEBA BACKUP Extensions > Extension Manager > Install from Web and search for Akeeba Backup and install. While on Akkeba's page get the current kickstart.php and save on computer. 

TEMPLATE COPY EXTENSIONS > TEMPLATE MANAGER and select Templates [at upper left, rather than Styles] Select Template to copy which WILL open a window called Template Manager: Customise Template. Click COPY TEMPLATE which will open a dialogue box in which to enter a new name for your template then click COPY. This is necessary to avoid losing alterations made to default or other templates when over-written by Joomla updates.  Save and Close. Don't ever use templates from JoomlaThemes! Overwrite the preview images with termplate_preview.png (640x388) and termplate_thumbnail.png (206x125)

HEADER IMAGES Default 'short' Protostar header image is 700px wide. Full width i.e. not the default and without modules, are 975px.

PREVIEW POSITIONS > Template Manager > Options: Preview Module Positions = Enabled. Save & Close To see them 'live' add /?tp=1 to page address.

HORIZONTAL MENU  > Extensions > Module Manager > Main Menu > Advanced. For Menu Class Suffix enter  nav-pills IMPORTANT Ensure there is a SPACE before nav-pills. SAVE & CLOSE


REMOVE PREV and NEXT > Article Manager > Options: Show Navigation = Hide

NO REGISTRATIONS > Users > User Manager > Options: Allow User Registration = No