Template Variation

When you install a Joomla update, included in the package may be template updates. If you have customised your template, your changes will be over-written in the update process unless you create your own re-named variation. In Joomla 3 this is MUCH simpler than it used to be in 2.5! 

All you have to do now is go to EXTENSIONS > TEMPLATE MANAGER and select Templates [at upper left, rather than Styles] A window opens with all installed Templates and their screen-shots displayed. Select the Template you want to copy which will open a window called Template Manager: Customise Template. Click COPY TEMPLATE which will open a dialogue box in which to enter a new name for your template then click COPY. Job done! N

Not essential, but a help in spotting your own template when in Template Manager, is to replace the two associated template 'screenshot' images. They are called template_preview.png [640 x 388] and template_thumbnail.png [206 x 150]. The proportions of the default thumbnail are not 'constrained' i.e. proportional to those of the larger 'preview' image. To maintain proportionality I make the thumbnail 206 x 125.